Autumn Love Sew Along - Week 3

by Morgan | September 7, 2018

I'm so happy to see you! Week 3 went well, and I'm just falling more and more in love with the process. There's nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment and pride I get when I look at a completed block. I bring it in to the office and show it to anyone who will look. haha. So, I'm glad to have you to talk about it with. 

If you're new, welcome! Here's a little introduction to what a sew-along is and how you can join if you're interested. If you've already seen this, you can skip to the finished block! ;) 

What is a Sew Along? 

A Sew Along is a like a virtual quilting/sewing retreat. It's a fun way to join a group of other makers and do the same project. We get to share our progress, ask questions, share tips, and make new friends. I enjoy the sew along because it helps break a big project like Autumn Love into manageable pieces. Plus, I love being able to learn from other quilters while we're going through the process together. 

How do I join the Sew Along? 

This Sew Along is hosted by Lori Holt on her blog Bee in My Bonnet. The pattern and sewing guide is a free download that you'll want to get from her. If you haven't already gotten your Autumn Love Quilt Kit (or chosen fabrics from your stash) you'll want to do so. You'll definitely want to grab the Sew Simple Shapes even if you're using other fabrics, because they're essential to Lori's method. You can join the sew-along at any time, but Lori posts a new tutorial each Monday, so if you want to keep pace with her, you'll want to watch the tutorial on Monday and work on your block(s) throughout the week.

The Finished Block


I just adore this pumpkin in the bucket! My goodness, look at how cute that is! 

What I struggled with

Honestly, most of this block was pretty straight-forward for me, since it's just repeating the process I've been doing for the last 2 weeks. It was a big relief, but I did struggle a bit with the curved bias tape for the handle of the bucket! 

The curved bias tape

Let me just start by saying that Lori makes this look WAY too easy! She just zips it through the bias tape maker and pulls it and it comes out perfectly curved. That was not my experience. I cut the fabric on the bias as instructed - and it really is much more stretchy than cutting it straight on WOF. I sprayed it with a lot of Magic Sizing and started pulling it through the Clover Bias Tape Maker (this one is 1/4" bias tape).  And that's where my success stopped. 

The fabric just wasn't really working with me. It was curving, but I couldn't get it to curve enough to make that smooth shape that Lori got. So, I tried a couple of times (which probably wasn't the right move) and what you see in my block is a combination of the curve I got and me forcing the bias tape into place. I used liberal amounts of Roxanne's Glue-Baste-it to hold it in place while I shoved and forced and prodded it into shape. 

You can see on the left-hand side where it meets the bucket that it was forced, but I think for my first time making curved bias tape it turned out alright. Again, I enjoy this quilt because it allows for a little bit of imperfection and I can just call it style or artistic liberty or something like that. haha. 

If you happen to have great tips for successfully making curved bias tape, let me know in the comments. I have a feeling I'll just have to practice a lot, but anything helps! 

What went well

Sewing the shapes and placing the shapes

I'm getting more and more comfortable making the shapes. The flowers were simple this week since I'd done it all before, and so was the 1/4" bias tape. The pumpkin and the stem are the same, and the star as well, so I felt really confident with all of those shapes. The bucket, even was a nice large shape so it was pretty easy to sew around and turn, and I only poked a couple of holes with the Clover Point 2 Point Turner's sharp end. lol. I need to take it easy with that side. I just get so excited that I rush the process a little. 

In case you're curious about what it looks like when I sew, here's a little behind-the-scenes. I typically turn on Netflix and settle down with a snack. This one night in particular I was pretty tired, so I chose a Red Bull and some candy. Not the healthiest choice, but it got the job done! ;) I'm kind of a big snacker. 

Do you snack while you sew? What's your favorite? Also, if you have any recommendations for Netflix shows to listen to while I'm working on the quilt, let me know! 

See you for Week 4! 

Join me for week 4 - they're pieced blocks and I'm a little bit terrified!