Dutch Apple Pie Recipe

by Morgan | September 23, 2018

The weather is just starting to turn to fall here in North Idaho. It's been an interesting mix of cool mornings and warm afternoons, and I'm soaking in as much sun as I can get before it disappears for the winter, but I sure do love fall. I love the colors and the cooler temperatures, I love the clothing, and I LOVE the baked goods. Apple pie. Pumpkin pie. Cookies. Cinnamon Rolls... 

I have a bit of a sweet tooth if you can't tell. ;) 

So when I heard that Lynn brought her homemade apple pie into the office I just had to get a slice (or two).  And let me tell you, it was the most amazing apple pie I've had. The apples were the perfect consistency; not too mushy and not too crunchy. The crust was perfectly brown, buttery, and flakey, and the flavor had that ideal balance between sweet and tart. And I'm not the only person who thought that. Everyone in the office who tried it loved it. 

Lynn's Dutch Apple Pie cut into a slice and served with ice cream and apple slices

Doesn't that look delicious? Lynn told me this was her grandmother's recipe, and is likely over 100 years old! So, naturally, I knew I had to share this recipe with you, because it would just be mean of me not to. 

A note from Lynn: 

"This apple pie recipe has been in my family for many decades and was from my Aunt Dolores. When I graduated from school many years ago, I packed everything I could get in my old Buick Skylark and moved from Madison, WI to Seattle, WA . Included in my carload was a collection of my favorite recipes I had grown up with, all carefully handwritten on recipe cards by my mother. I have made this pie just about every year since then for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or whenever anyone in my family says can we have apple pie!

I use Granny Smith apples as I like the tartness of them; however, you can you your favorite pie apple. The number of apples needed depends on the size of your pie pan and the size of the apples."

Lynn's Dutch Apple Pie Recipe

I wanted to include the picture of the hand-written recipe because that's just more fun, but I've typed out the instructions below as well so it's easy to read. 

Dutch Apple Pie 

1 unbaked 9-inch Pie Crust

Slice pie shell full of apples that are peeled and cored

Mix together:

- 2 tbsp. flour

- 2/3 C. sugar

- 1/2 C. cream

- a little cinnamon 

Put over apples, cut in pie shell

Sprinkle top with the following: 

- 3 tbsp. melted butter

- 1/2 C. flour

- 1/4 C. sugar 

Mix with fork until crumbly.

Bake at 425 degrees for about 45-50 minutes or until done.  


We hope you enjoy this apple pie as much as we do! If you're curious, the apple pie is pictured here with our gorgeous Magical Forest Table Runner in Wool

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