How to Make Sunflower Placemats & Coasters - August Table Glitz

by Morgan | July 11, 2018

The Table Glitz Series has been going for almost an entire year, and they just keep getting cuter. This month is all about the sunflower and light, bright colors to bring the summer charm indoors, and even though it's the middle of July here in Idaho, we know late summer will be here before we know it, with chilly fall weather right on its heels. 

That's why this lovely project is a must-have for anyone who loves those late summer days, when the daytime air is still warm but the chill sets in as soon as the sun sets. It's the time of year that we take our last camping trip, soak in our last days at the lake, and start dressing in more layers. We know we're going to be happy to have these to look at as the days get shorter.

Video Tutorial: How to Make the Table Glitz Sunflower Placemats & Coasters

What I love about this project is that you get a free diagram download so you can complete this project with fabrics you already have on hand. 

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If you want yours to look EXACTLY like the one in the pictures, make sure to pick up the kit. It includes everything you need to complete the project (except for extra things like notions and thread) and guarantees you get what you see here. 

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Make the placemats and coasters

These look complicated,  but they really aren't.  

  1. Print your diagram (available for FREE on our Free Downloads page) and tape the pages together. 
  2. Choose your fabrics (or, to get exactly what you see here, buy the August Table Glitz kit online).  We chose 2 different yellows to give the sunflower shape, and two different teals (one for the background, one for the backing). 
Prepare your background, backing, and fusible fleece (for coasters and placemats)
  1. Trace your background, backing, and fusible fleece circles using the printed diagram.
  2. Iron the fusible fleece to the back of the backing (dark teal) fabric. 

  3. Place the background fabric (light teal) RST on the backing (dark teal) fabric. Pin in place. 

  4. Sew a 1/4" seam allowance all the way around the circle. Do not leave an opening. 
    Note: You can trim the seam allowance if you want to. I don't think it's necessary. 

  5. Pull the background fabric away from the backing and use your scissors to cut an "X" in the fabric. You'll turn your fabric through here, and the sunflower will cover it, so give yourself space to turn the fabric without struggle. 

  6. Turn the circle right-side out. The Clover Point Turner helps smooth out those seams. 

  7. Press the circle. 

Prepare your appliqué shapes
  1. Use your Appliqué Pressing Sheet to prepare your sunflower shape. (You can use one or two pressing sheets. In the video, Jen shows you how to use just one if you don't have a second pressing sheet readily available.) 

  2. Lay down the first row of petals (the background layer) using the diagram and Lightbox for accuracy. If you have one pressing sheet, you'll do this step for half of the flower, then repeat for the other half. 

  3. Press the background layer on the Appliqué Pressing Sheet. If you're using a Lightbox, make sure you DO NOT iron on it. You'll ruin the Lightbox! 

  4. Lay down the top row of petals using the Lightbox and diagram for accuracy, move the pressing sheet off of the Lightbox, and press the petals to the  background layer. 

  5. Repeat steps 3-6 for the other half of the sunflower, making sure to mark where you left off. 

  6. Connect the two halves together to make one unit. Be  sure to use the diagram and Lightbox for proper placement of petals. 

Attach the appliqué shapes to the placemats and coasters
  1. Place your sunflower petals on the background, covering the 'X", and making sure it's centered. 

  2. Press that shape into place with your iron. 
  3. Place the center piece of the sunflower shape. 

  4. Press that shape into place with your iron. 

  5. Embellish and quilt the placemats and coasters using metallic thread. There is a beautiful coordinating thread set for you to use that really bring the "glitz" to Table Glitz. We used the metallic teal to sew around the circles, and the orange was used to embellish the center of the sunflower. The gold metallic thread is used in the petals. 

Helpful Notions

You don't HAVE to use any of these things to complete this project. Trust me, I do plenty of things in a pretty bare sewing room. However, some of these tools just make it so easy to get this project done. 

Join in on the fun!

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