What is a Quilt Block of the Month Program?

by Shabby Fabrics | July 15, 2018

What is a Block of the Month (BOM)? 

A Block of the Month program is just what it sounds like. You sign up and get the material you need to complete one quilt block each month. Program lengths can vary, from 9-month to 12-month programs, depending on how many blocks are included in the quilt. After your program is complete you'll have all the blocks you need to make the finished quilt. 

This is a great way to learn new techniques, tackle large projects, and make quilting more affordable. Watch the video below and keep reading to find out more. 

Video Explanation from Jen and Lynn:

Should I Join a BOM?

BOM programs make quilting more affordable. 

As much as we love quilting, we know it can be expensive .That's why we love block of the month programs. Instead of paying a large price up front, a BOM breaks that cost down to a low monthly payment. Once you've found the perfect BOM, you reserve your spot, grab any tools or notions you need to complete the project (like gorgeous thread sets), and then everything else is automatic. 

Your card is charged each month and your block is shipped right to your door. You don't have to worry about forgeting anything or missing out on a fabric collection. At Shabby Fabrics, we set aside your kit exactly how you see it in the pictures so you know what you're getting. 

BOM programs make finishing a quilt less overwhelming. 

Sometimes we get a quilt kit and think "oh my gosh, how am I going to finish this? Where do I even start?" We know you've felt the same way. BOMs break projects down into manageable pieces (by block) so you just focus on getting that piece done. Instead of digging through yards of fabric and spearating shapes and embellishments and planning blocks, you just open the package, take out everything you need to finish that block, and sit down to start sewing. If you've gotten a pre-fused and laser-cut BOM, its even quicker and easier to get started. 

See our laser-cut BOMs

BOM programs are easy and convenient.

We like to limit the amount of frustration that goes into quilting, and BOM is a great way to do that.  After the initial sign-up you don't have to remember to do anything each month. You just get a package delivered to your door with your beautiful kit inside. Everything is ready to go and you know you have a month to complete that block, so it's something you can start anytime. 

Doing a BOM is like having Christmas every month.

Have we mentioned how much we love getting packages in the mail? We're sure you're the same way, and any package is fun, but getting a package with something we get to create inside is the best kind! It's like sending a present to yourself every month.

Why Should I Join a Shabby Fabrics BOM?

Shabby Fabrics has a dedicated BOM support team.

Unlike other BOM companies, Shabby Fabrics has a dedicated team to help you with your BOM questiosn and concerns, whether that's billing inquiries, shipping, signing up, or asking questions about construction. They can help you with absolutely anything, and the personalized service makes the experience so much more fun. 

We offer exclusive designs not available anywhere else!

Yes, you can find BOM programs through lots of other quilt shops, but Shabby Fabrics has a dedicated in-house design team that's making some of the most beautiful BOMs on the market, and you can only get them through us. 

Our Current Block of the Month Programs

We love BOM programs, so we've got quite a few available. Here's a look at our current programs: 

A Nutcracker Suite BOM

Photos of nutcracker quilt with program details

Starts November 2018, this block of the month is perfect for collectors and lovers of traditional Christmas decor. 

A Tisket A Tasket BOM

Starts August 2018. Celebrate each month of the year with a new block that has a beautifully decorated basket. The laser-cut option makes sure you get right to the fun part. 

By My Hand BOM

Starts September 2018. We offered this as a block of the month once before and it sold out quickly. Jennifer has been waiting to offer it again until she found the perfect collection to recolor it. Well, that collection came, so By My Hand is back and better than ever before. 

Welcome Home in Summer BOM

Welcome Home in Summer BOM photo and details

Starts September 2018. Travel back to traditional neighborhoods, long summer nights, and lazy summer days. This quilt makes us nostalgic for simpler times. 

Enchanted Garden BOM

This block of the month has been so popular we've sold out twice! We opened another round that beings in October 2018. This intricate, detailed quilt will wow everyone who sees it, and the laser cut pieces make it achievable. Watch the video at the beginning of this post for tips on keeping your tiny pieces organized. 

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